Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i kind of love it ...

Loving the hippie chic look of the House of Harlow 1960's lookbook on Shopbop. Problem is, it's really the clothing I'm in love with, and it's not for sale! Nicole Richie's line is a jewelry line so I'm sh*t outta luck here huh?

I so want to look like this for the spring and summer but my fave slouchy suede boots long ago went to shoe heaven. Need a replacement, stat!

I remember watching Nicole Richie when she still used to look like the chicks from Rock of Love. You know, long blonde hair with dark roots AND a pink weave. Pants so low they showed off the color of her thong. Then she went through this massive style overhaul and turned into this haute hippie, thanks to Rachel Zoe. These days, she just always looks great and I would totally kill for her wardrobe. I don't know if I'd spring for her jewelry, but if she designs a line of flowy caftans, I'm so there.

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