Sunday, April 19, 2009

what i did today

Not very chic but hey, I'm only human.
  • Took my little niece to shop for Chucks in Times Square
  • Then took my little niece for ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery
  • B*tched out a cab driver along the way for almost splashing us with grimy gutter water—not my finest moment, since I was with an 11-year-old
  • Skipped Bikram yoga for this:

Bad, bad, baaaaaad Celine. I didn't eat all of the chicken, mind you. There are a couple of pieces left in the fridge for lunch tomorrow. KFC and rice, mmm ...

Also, I didn't return the Twilight DVD. I should really stop pretending I'm gonna stop acting like a 14-year-old and just buy the damn thing. And maybe the soundtrack (well ok let's not carried away here, maybe just download it)? Did you know Rob Pattinson sang two songs played on the soundtrack and that he really plays the piano? *sigh*

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