Thursday, April 09, 2009


"The Green Depot brings eco-consciousness down to earth, where it belongs. Here are convenient solutions for all those inconvenient truths that plague our minds: dog-waste biobags ($4.95), biodegradable packing peanuts ($6.99 to $39.99), a Solio Hybrid 1000 solar charger ($79.95) that can power your cellphone. (One hour of sun time is supposed to equal 15 minutes of use.)"

- "An Environmental Cleanup in Every Aisle" written by Mike Albo for The New York Times

Tipped off by this article on today's New York Times , I perused the website of Green Depot for products that'll make my life more eco-friendly. I didn't grow up in a country where recycling was a big thing but I've developed this conscience when it comes to trash disposal. The trash generated through fast food pains me. A lot of things deemed "convenient" like using plastic cups and cutlery make me uneasy.

I guess it's a result of the time I spent in Germany where they are fanatic about recycling and proper disposal of waste. I recall afternoons where, after having a blowout party in the flat the night before, my flatmates and I would be standing by the glass waste depot separating the green glass from the brown and the clear. We had a "borrowed" cart from the grocery piled up with empty beer bottles that we would bring back to the store to recoup some of our party expenses through the bottle deposit. It was a pain in the butt, for sure, but I got used to it and after awhile it made a lot of sense. I've been hoping that this mindset would spread to America quickly, and it's nice to know it's starting to.

Apart from the items already mentioned in the article cited above, here are some cool finds from Green Depot:

These glasses from Green Glass Co. are made from reclaimed wine bottles. Pretty cool right?
And what about this lamp, which is constructed of wood veneer scrapings?

This pendant lamp that doubles up as a chalkboard is also pretty cool. It's made out of steel sheet and is designed by St. Louis, MO artisan John Beck.

Finally, pencils made out of recycled newspapers by Design Ideas Recycled. The languishing newspaper industry should consider this inspiration for creative ways to make more money out of their trash, eh?

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