Sunday, April 19, 2009

flowers fix everything

For some reason, I turned very sad late in the afternoon today. I think I should stop watching Twilight (I rented the DVD *mildly obsessed*). The teenage/vampire angst is rubbing off on me, dousing my usually sunshiney personality. Even at Bikram, I was out of sorts. I had a tough Bikram class today, my toughest since my first day. I didn't even get the Bikram high when the 90 minutes were over.

I decided that I would cure my sadness by romancing myself. Hmm, that sentence can be easily misconstrued so let me explain. I went to Whole Foods and bought ingredients to make a pot of bolognese sauce. I also stopped at the deli for a $5 bouquet of fresh flowers. I got home, spread out the pink carnations in little vases all over the apartment, lit some candles (more to combat the smell of sauteed garlic and onions than the romance factor) and cooked some sauce for a good 4 hours (And ok, fine, I did watch Twilight again but I swear I'm returning the damn DVD tomorrow). Homecooked food and flowers lifted me up considerably. It's funny how flowers always seem to make everything better—even my Robert Pattinson obsession, maybe?

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