Friday, April 10, 2009

for baby mamas

I was browsing bags on Saks when I noticed that every other bag seemed to be labeled a diaper bag or a baby bag. Huh? I was so confused that I scrolled up to see if I'd inadvertently selected diaper bags on the menu. Nope, I didn't. I guess their bag buyer just had babies on the brain. It makes sense though, I guess. My peers are getting married and popping out little bundles of joy at an alarming (well I'm the one alarmed really, not them) rate and I suppose those mommies struggling with additional bottles and nappies to carry are a good target market. I'd certainly cough up a few hundred for a discreet diaper bag if I were in their situation.

I think the bag options out there for baby mamas are amazing. I was ogling them for my own use until I realized they were diaper bags—they're that nice. Check them out:

The Chaiken Diaper Bag at Saks Fifth Avenue ($550)

Tod's Pashmy Mummy Baby Bag at Saks Fifth Avenue ($1,350)

Storksak Emily Leather Baby Bag at Saks Fifth Avenue ($375)

I really like the Chaiken bag; I'd consider getting it if it wasn't a diaper bag! And Storksak has a lot of great options that are just not like the diaper bags of yore. There are more utilitarian options or ones that look like your everyday bag like the one above. So mommies can carry two bundles of joy—the baby and the designer baby bag!

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