Sunday, April 26, 2009

late night eats: bereket's doner kebap

A lot of food was consumed last night. A lot. After the Italian extravaganza at Morandi, we went to Wilfie & Nell for drinks and ended up annihalating the thick and meaty french fries, which were so perfect with the malt vinegar. We then moved on to LES to meet some more friends for, what else, lychee martinis at Verlaine. When we finally stumbled out of the bar in a martini-induced haze, we were all craving for a midnight snack. Enter Bereket.

I have a special spot in my heart for Bereket because it's the only place outside of Germany that I've ever been able to get a doner kebap. Doners were our staple post-party grub when I was a party-loving intern in Stuttgart in my early twenties (ouch, it hurts to say that). It's not mindblowing, really; it's essentially a pita stuffed with lamb meat, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and some wicked special sauce. But something about it is just so amazingly satisfying at 3AM, all the time.

I didn't get to finish mine last night because I was so incredibly stuffed, but it was still so good to be able to bite into a doner to cap off the drinkfest. Yum yum yum ...

Where: 187 E. Houston Street on the corner of Orchard Street

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