Sunday, March 29, 2009

Indian Brunch

One of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon is to dig into the $8.95 buffet at Bawarchi, the Indian restaurant a block away from our apartment. I brought Sonu here for dinner once, who's Canadian-Indian, and she and her brother gave the restaurant pretty good ratings in terms of the authenticity of the dishes. The only place they could get better food, they said, was from their own mother (We all know Indian mothers make the best food right?). Pretty strong reviews, Mika and I thought.

I always tend to go crazy and pile as much food as possible on my plate when I go (as evidenced by the picture above). But I should really limit myself to some rice and loads of the Chicken Tikka Masala, the addictive boneless chicken tandoori swimming in creamy tomato sauce. It is sooooo good, but I always sabotage myself by loading up on other good but not as good stuff. It is a wonderful feast to have on a Sunday afternoon, and amazing rescue for those who spent Saturday night partying too hard. There's nothing that some hot, rich, saucy food and delicious mango lassi can't cure, I say!

Where: 1149 1st Avenue at E. 63rd Street, New York 10065


SonuJ said...

Good memories at this place! I remember Mika and Ram sweating bullets, but refusing to drink their

The Chiconomist Celine said...

Good times! Soooo excited for more in Vegas ;-)

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