Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Watercolor Florals

I never thought I'd fall for florals, but I've been really liking the look of watercolor florals on summer dresses popping up this season. I think this strapless dress from Kimchi Blue at Urban Outfitters is so pretty and not too painful on the pocket at $58:

This filmy strapless maxi dress from Victoria's Secret makes me bemoan my height and inability to wear long dresses. If I order this, I'd have to lop off all those pretty layers at the bottom just to be able to walk in it. Arrrrgh. I hate being short. If you're tall enough for this, VS is giving 20% off orders over $50 today, which is a nice little discount because this dress here actually costs $168! Really, VS, really?!?

There's some version of this sexy silk caftan at VS every season, it seems, in varying fabrics. This faded flowery fabric's quite pretty. Again, you can get 20% off the $118 pricetag if you buy today.

Can't wait for the weather to warm up a wee bit more so I can float around the city in airy summer dresses!

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